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Founded in Delhi, By Singhal & Sons in 2020, Namo began as a family mission to create and inspire health in others. With a passion for living and eating well, the couple sought out the best and most nutrient-dense ingredients to feed their family.

Through cooking, organic gardening and consistently aiming to instill the message at home that living and eating well are one in the same - health became their journey.

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Each ingredient is used and loved by our employees, friends and family, and integrity of the product is of the utmost importance. We do not just rely on the industry standard manufacture certificate of analysis. We independently test each imported ingredient at our laboratory for heavy metals, organic purity and biological contamination. We are FSSAI certified. 

We operate Namo Organics on a fair trade model and seek to offer opportunities to everyone connected with our supply chain. By engaging directly with farmers cooperatives and their partner manufacturers, we are able to offer efficient distribution and access to the India. organic consumer, while providing new and rewarding economic opportunities to farmers and indigenous communities. The higher prices they receive for organic superfoods, over normal commodity crops, significantly increases the income opportunities for these agricultural communities.

Namo Organics


We are a business that is founded on quality, value and passion. Namo Organics’ mission is to improve people’s lives through good health by making nutrient-dense foods more affordable and accessible and to make our local and global communities stronger by conducting business with integrity.

What makes us different makes us better

Dear Customer,

Namo Organics was founded out of our passion to put our money where our mouth is. We are an organic food sourcing company and are very different than most other food marketing companies that are our competitors. We want to offer more reasonably priced superfoods and the best quality ingredients to our customers in the most transparent way.

We accomplish this goal by investing our financial resources in cold storage technology, extensive lab testing, and quality control systems instead of celebrity endorsements, fancy trade show booths, and expensive marketing campaigns. These different priorities allow us to offer uncompromising quality to you for a better value.

What makes us different makes us better.

Love, Light, and Health,
Rishabh & Team