Halim Seeds For Weight Loss: Add Garden Cress Seeds To Your Daily Diet To Shed Fats

Halim Seeds For Weight Loss: Add Garden Cress Seeds To Your Daily Diet To Shed Fats

Jul 19, 2020Rishabh singhal

When you're on a weight loss programme, and are looking for some natural ways to cut the bulge, you must not ignore the many benefits of consuming halim seeds. Yes, that's right! Halim seeds, also called garden cress seeds, help you shed those extra kilos naturally. In fact, halim seeds are often categorised as 'functional foods';  they not only help you lose weight, consuming these as part of an overall healthy diet can also help you manage weight better. What are functional foods, you ask? Functional foods have additional health-promoting or disease-prevention benefits, over and above their basic nutritional value. And for this reason, they are often included in many health-promoting drinks and dishes.

Halim seeds are full nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, iron, folic acid and dietary fibre. The proteins present in halim seeds tends to increase the feeling of satiety and the hunger hormone ghrelin makes sure that you do not overeat. This leads to a major reduction in hunger and is one of the main reasons protein helps you lose weight. So if you are adding halim seeds to your salads, be ready to stay fuller for longer. On the other hand, the fibre content in halim seeds take longer to digest, which means they stay in your system for long and you are less likely to binge on other fattening foods.

Not just this, halim seeds have a very low amount of fat. So, you may add them to your weight loss drink or food and consume them without any guilt. A pack of these super healthy desi seeds added to your drinks and dishes on a regular basis can help you achieve your weight loss goals in a healthier way.

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