Namo Organics

Namo Organics - Chamomile Herbal Tea Loose Leaf -High Grade Flowers - 100% Raw From Organic Farms

Rs. 299.00
Rs. 299.00

- Chamomile naturally relaxes the nervous system, which not only aids against insomnia, but also improves sleep quality. With organic whole chamomile flowers, you can get a better full night sleep!

- Drinking this sweet chamomile tea to boost your immune system can prevent illness and bolster your defense against sickness. This is the perfect soothing drink to prevent you from becoming ill during those cold winter months!

- Pure Chamomile Tea, with a few sips, provides relaxation, The flowers for the tea are selected carefully to give the tea a wonderful touch, NO flavors added

- This relaxing herb helps with sleep issues, discourages acne and aids digestion